Skate Rental/Purchase Policy




This policy was developed to help encourage and promote club skaters in obtaining speed skates.  It was developed and approved after speaking with several clubs (Edmonton, Yellowknife, Fort St. John, and Regina) about how they ran their club skate programs.

Speed skater can be very expensive to purchase when done an on an individual basis where costs can range from $500 to $600 for a single pair of skates and blades.  When speaking to other clubs we found new skates could be purchased as part of a bulk order for prices ranging from between $300 and $500 dollars.  We also found used skates could be purchase from other clubs or individual skaters for prices ranging from $100 to $500 depending on their age and/or brand.  Over the years our club has made a number of bulk purchase so we now have a skate inventory of 20 to 30 skates. 

At the beginning of the season we have a good inventory of skates, but numbers go down quickly as new members join the club and sign out skates on a first come first served basis.  We do ask parents to provide a preference to our youth skaters, because our fees are based on youth rates, and we need to have more youth on the ice than adults to get these rates from the City.  Our participation fees would double if we had more adults than youth because the City’s adult ice rate is double the youth rate. 

Club skates will be made available to club members “at skate cost or current value” with a guaranteed buy back policy based on a yearly depreciation rate of $100 a year assuming reasonable wear and tear.  The depreciation rate is based on an approximate yearly rental fee (of $100 per year) and three to four year full cost recovery and replacement cycle for skates.  A higher depreciation rate will be applied if the skates are not cared for properly and returned with an unreasonable amount of damage. 


A.  Actual Skate Cost $400: skate is purchased for $400, kept for two seasons and bought back by the club for $225, assuming normal wear and tear.  The skate would subsequently be sharpened, given new laces and repaired as required and sold/rented to the next skater at a cost reflecting cost of sharpening, laces and repair i.e. $225 - $250.

B.  Actual Skate Cost $325: skate is purchased for $325, kept for one season and bought back by the club for $245.  The skate would be sold to the next skater at a cost reflecting the cost of sharpening, laces etc i.e. $275.

C.  Re-sold Skate Cost $225: skate is purchased for $225, kept for two seasons and bought back by the club at price reflecting it’s relative value of $127.

From time to time, the club will purchase back skates bought elsewhere based on fair market value and/or a depreciation rate identical to that above ($100 per season).  Proof of original purchase price would be required.  The club does not generally buy high end skates but will purchase them used from club members if in reasonable shape and skate rental funds are available to purchase them. 

Other skate sources.  Periodically, club members will sell their skates directly to other club members at prices set by the seller.  If we don’t have the size you need in inventory, the club can also help you find a source to purchase new or used skates. 

It was felt this policy would:


The club purchase/rental policy recognizes that Arctic Winter Games skaters and youth will be given a preference for available skates i.e. if an adult and youth both wish to obtain the same available skate, the youth will be provided first choice in purchasing/renting the skate.          

Skate Sharpening Policy:

Speed skates can not be sharpened at local stores, because they are sharpened differently than hockey or figure skates. Speed skates are sharpened with special jigs and sharpening stones.  Club jigs and stones are available to members in good standing who have been instructed in the proper skate sharpening techniques. The club holds one or two skate sharpening demonstrations each year so parents and skaters can learn how to sharpen skates.   Club members will be expected to pay $5 per pair of skates sharpened.  Skate sharpening revenues will be utilized to purchase new sharpening stones and jigs as may be required from time to time.   Club jigs are lent out on a first come first served basis as well.  We ask you to turn them back quickly so other members can use them.  Jigs can be harder to find just prior to our time trial races because skaters always want their skates sharp for these.

There are a number of competitive skaters who will sharpen skates for club members based on a price set by them.  The club can also help you purchase your own sharpening equipment which costs about $250. 
Barry Sudgen (667-2972; home email, and work email is the Whitehorse Speed Skating club’s “equipment” person who manages our skate purchase/rental and skate sharpening program.  Barry has the final say on the value of a skate being sold back to the club.